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Christian Values Enrage Republicans

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20090618-healthcare Town hall meetings on health care found Republicans ranting about Obama’s proposed crack down on greed in the health insurance industry and offer of free health care for the uninsured.

One man identifying himself as “Joe the surgeon” told us “we (Republicans) only like to talk about values like kindness and generosity… we have no intention of actually demonstrating such silly values. Pretty soon Obama will be saying everyone should have FOOD and a PLACE TO LIVE too. My father worked hard to pay for the house I inherited from him. Well yeah so I got it for free but that’s different.”


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August 8, 2009 at 11:40 am

Obama’s Online Town Hall Meeting

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Obama’s online town hall meeting on Thursday launched a new era in politics where citizens are able to actively participate in the political process via the Internet.  The white house indicated that questions should only involve the economy. Posted questions were then voted up higher on the list or down lower on the list by other participants.

President Obama indicated that one of the top questions, receiving over 3.5 million votes, involved legalizing marijuana in the interest of helping the economy. It has long been argued that in addition to the savings that would come along with ceasing the apprehension and prosecution of marijuana users, heavy taxes could be levied on the product. Additionally, marijuana has been proven effective as a substitute for various pharmaceuticals.

In response to the question, Obama stated “well, it all depends on if we’re talking about cheap Mexican brick weed or if we’re talking about a 40th generation Northern Lights/Kush hybrid. Right now our border agents are mainly engaging smugglers from Mexico who don’t seem to understand that nobody wants that schwag anyway. We need to keep low potency marijuana out of America. Therefore, legalizing marijuana in itself will not help the economy; since we will suffer an influx of low grade Mexican and Colombian strains you can’t give away. Responsible legislation must also involve quality control. And… what was I saying? Lost my train of thought for a minute. Does anyone have any Chips Ahoy or a Snickers on them?”

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March 28, 2009 at 12:05 pm