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Republican Field Still Losing to Mickey Mouse

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A lot can happen in 13 months… but so far, the Republican party still hasn’t produced a viable candidate. They have a black guy, a Mormon, and a retard. And this crazy woman who deep throats corn dogs.

Many Republican voters will choose not to vote rather than vote for a Mormon or a black guy. So Herman Cain and Willard “Mitt” Romney are not viable alternatives to Obama.

The retard, Rick Perry, would not survive a debate with Obama.

The crazy woman has just made too many crazy statements to remain a viable candidate. She promised that the price of gas would decline below $2 if she was elected, and that she would “stand and win the war on terror.” Craziest of all is her position against government handouts while she simultaneously accepts government handouts (farm subsidies and Medicare payouts to her husband’s anti-gay clinic.)

Three of the “front running” Republican candidates (Bachmann, Cain, Perry) have claimed that God told them to run for office.  Is the strategy to ensure a second term for Obama? It seems so.


Written by spamtrap

October 16, 2011 at 10:30 am