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Republicans Question Obama Happy Meal

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happymeal RNC (Republican National Committee) Chairman Michael Steele showed up at a Washington DC area McDonald’s restaurant today to question the front counter employee who allegedly sold President Obama a McDonald’s “Happy Meal” at lunchtime today.

“What has Barack Obama done to deserve a Happy Meal?” Steele asked, we’re not sure if he was asking rhetorically, when Real True Internet News contacted him today.

“Obama has done nothing but make me miserable”, said Steele. “If he was buying one of them Big Macs or Fishburger things I have no problem with that. But a HAPPY MEAL?! The audacity of the man shocks me. Next thing you know he’ll be handing out free Happy Meals to illegal immigrants on the public option of his health plan. Happy Meal my ass.”


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October 9, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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