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British Prime Minister Brown and Obama in Talks

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Today, United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Obama are in talks at the white house.

Real True Internet News has an insider at the White House who planted a secret spy microphone last night so we could listen in on the meeting. White House anti-spy security measures made our microphone mostly useless but we did get about a minute of good audio.

OBAMA: French fries, really?

BROWN: Oh yes. I know you have potato chips here which you call chips but our chips are more like what you call French Fries.

OBAMA: They use a lot of halibut and cod here, and pollock in the really cheap places.

BROWN: Traditionally we’ve use haddock or cod, our chippies still stick to that tradition.

OBAMA: Chippies?

BROWN: Oh, that’s what we call the fish and chip shops.

OBAMA: … and you guys put vinegar on the chips, is that right?

BROWN: Malt vinegar, yah, I dunno how you Yanks can stand that tomato paste stuff on chips!

OBAMA: Michelle makes a secret sauce of some kind that I love. I think it’s just mayonnaise mixed with ketchup but she won’t tell me.

BROWN: Maybe she’ll share the recipe with me to bring home to England?

OBAMA: I’ll have to ask her. Because then her secret sauce won’t be a secret anymore.

BROWN: Well with the fish you know, it’s more about the thickness of the breading (at this point we lost the audio.)


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March 3, 2009 at 10:21 am

CNN To Cover Icelandic Politics

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CNN launched its new format today with the story First gay premier takes helm in Iceland.

Real True Internet News interviewed CNN’s director, Joe Conn, today via telephone.

RTIN: We were told that CNN has switched over to a new format today.

Conn: Yes.

RTIN: … can you tell us more about it?

Conn: Oh. OK. Well, ever since Obama was elected president, we’ve been at kind of a loss about what events to report on. Reporting on Election 2008 was like having a Super Bowl every day for about 3 months. Then suddenly it’s all over and we’re picking up stories from the AP wire like everyone else.

RTIN: So you introduced this new format, which is…

Conn: Well, we’re now a 24 hour Icelandic politics station. Obama vs. McCain was nothing compared to Icelandic politics. They’re very dramatic and passionate about their politics over there. People may think they’re not interested in Icelandic politics, but after just 10 or 15 minutes of watching, you’ll be hooked.

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February 1, 2009 at 10:49 am